Teen Safety Enterprises

Raising awareness for Texting and Driving           

Teen Safety Enterprises is a Junior Achievement Company at McGavock High School that is asking CORPORATE PARTNERS and INDIVIDUALS  to PURCHASE KEYCHAINS for NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.  

Successfully raising awareness with ALL students in MNPS will change the way Nashville thinks about Texting and Driving. 

There are 20K students in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Support the Teen Safety Don't Text and Drive Initiative to help save the lives of teens and make Nashville a safer place to live and drive. 

In 2011 23% of Car Accidents involved cell phones - 1.3 MM car accidents

13 % of Teens admitted to texting while driving when they were involved in an accident.

A car at 55 MPH covers the length of a football field in 5 seconds...the time it takes to read a text message. 

1 in 5 Drivers of all ages admit to surfing the web while driving. 

Support this initiative for Metro Nashville High School students and we can save lives in Nashville and make the road safer for all drivers. 

"Don't Text and Drive" Keychain - $2/ Student

Keychains for:


All purchases of keychains will be delivered directly to schools to raise awareness among MNPS High School Students and all proceeds go to Teen Safety Enterprises a Junior Achievement Company to help students (employees and shareholders) understand  the importance of business, enterprise and entrepreneurship. 

Please support this important initiative today and help us lead our nation in fighting this epidemic. 

Keychains for:

Corporate Partners Supporting the Nashville DOn't Text and Drive Initiative

McNeely Pigott and Fox Public Relations

Make it Pop Creations

McGavock High School

Gaylord Business and Hospitality Academy

Phoenix Club of Nashville


Junior Achievement

Entrepreneur Center

Company Leadership

President - Mattea Baskin

VP of Production - Kiarah Franklin

VP of Finance - Monserrat Hernandez

VP of HR - Emily Lam

VP of Marketing - ShaQuan Mays

VP of Public Relations - Lauren Taylor

15 Employees from McGavock High School Business Class 1-A

Teacher Advisor - Melinda Brown
EC Volunteer - Clay Jackson

JA Advisor - Andy Schenck

About Teen Safety enterprises,   Junior Achievement Company Program and the Entrepreneur Center

"Teen Safety Enterprises a Junior Achievement Company" is a legal for-profit entity created, managed and run by students at McGavock High School in the Gaylord Business and Hospitality Academy through the Junior Achievement "Company Program."

Junior Achievement Company Program works with MNPS classes over 14 weeks to help students experience the lifecycle of a business including creating the business concept, business plan, production of products, sales, marketing, managing company finances and liquidating company assets to provide total returns to investors. Students in the company are shareholders. 

The Entrepreneur Center has partnered with Junior Achievement to provide volunteers and company mentors for Company Program and help Nashville teens discover Youth Entrepreneurship as part of the EC Youth Initiative and Community Outreach. 

For More Information on the Teen Safety Enterprises or Junior Achievement Company Program please contact:

Andy Schenck, Junior Achievement - 615.627.1186

Clay Jackson, Entrepreneur Center - 615.873.1257